Nigerians will be able to enter Rwanda without a visa

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has authorized visa-free travel for all Africans, including Nigerians.

Following Seychelles, The Gambia, and Benin, Rwanda has become one of the African nations that grants visa-free entrance to its entire citizenry.

"Let there be no uncertainty regarding it. “At no cost, any African may board an airplane to Rwanda at any time; entry into our nation is free of charge,” President Kagame was quoted as saying on the BBC News Africa X handle on Thursday.

He further stated that the action was intended to capitalize on the expanding middle class in Africa, which is driving the continent’s tourism industry.

Rwanda has been collaborating with football clubs such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich to promote the country as a tourist destination as part of an initiative to bolster its tourism industry.

In recent times, bilateral agreements for visa-free travel have been established between several African nations, including Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ghana and South Africa.

This week, Kenyan President William Ruto announced that by the end of the year, all African visitors will no longer be required to obtain a visa.

The BBC reported that President Ruto made this remark at an international conference in Congo Brazzaville.

Ruto stated, “When individuals, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs are unable to travel, we all suffer net losses.”

“Perhaps by the conclusion of this year, no African will be obligated to possess a visa to enter Kenya,” he declared to the raucous applause of the conference attendees.

“Neither our children from this continent nor those from Europe should be confined to borders in Africa.”