The Israeli defense minister says the war with Hamas could last for months


It could take “months” for Israel’s defense minister to say that the war against Hamas would end, but he vowed that it would be the last one against the militant group in Gaza.

As Yoav Gallant talked to forces getting ready for an expected ground invasion of the Palestinian territory in reaction to the shocking attacks on Israel on October 7, he stepped up the war of words with Hamas.

“It will take one month, two months, three months, and then there will be no more Hamas,” Gallant said at an air force base that the defense ministry did not say where it was.

“Hamas will know this about our air force’s shells before they meet our tanks and infantry.”

Besides that, he said that Israel’s fighter jets “know how to make this precise, qualitative, and mortal.”

Galant said, “This should be the last war in Gaza because there will be no more Hamas.”

Israel has often said that it will get rid of Hamas in Gaza, and it says that its air raids are aimed at their leaders and facilities.

More than 4,600 people, including 1,873 children, have been killed in the strikes so far, according to the health ministry, which Hamas runs.

With about 1,400 deaths, the bombings from Hamas across the border were the worst Israel has seen since it was founded.