Adelabu: There was no blast at Zungeru Power Plant


The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has confirmed that there was no explosion at the Zungeru power plant on Monday.

According to Mr Bolaji Tunji, Special Adviser, Strategic Communications and Media Relations, the minister responded to social media reports about an alleged explosion at the Zungeru power plant. His statement was made in Abuja on Monday.

Tunji relayed the minister’s statement, dismissing the report of an explosion as a fabrication concocted by those spreading such information.

The Minister has confirmed that the Zungeru power plant is connected to the grid and is currently operating at its maximum capacity.

After discussing the matter with the Managing Director of Mainstream Energy, I can confidently confirm that no such incident occurred in Zungeru.

The plant is operating smoothly and consistently supplying power to the grid. There is video evidence available from Zungeru that can confirm that no such incident took place today. Those who are interested can visit the location to gather more information.

Regrettably, individuals would fabricate such stories without any basis. It is unbecoming of individuals to engage in actions that may cause undue alarm, as it goes against the principles of patriotism.

Nigerians can rest assured that there will be a reliable and consistent supply of energy, as confirmed by the minister.

There has been a significant downturn in the sector, but we are optimistic that things will improve.

“We have delivered on our promise of a gradual increase in power supply, and we are seeing the positive results of this improvement. Rest assured, this progress will continue,” the Minister confidently stated.