Adeleke authorizes pensions for 734 retirees of Osun


Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, has approved the payment of the old pension scheme to 734 retired Local Government employees and primary school teachers.

The Local Government Staff Pension Bureau’s Permanent Secretary, Mr. Akibu Ibrahim, issued a statement on Friday instructing beneficiaries to exhibit themselves for documentation and payment.

A portion of the statement reads, "This is to inform the general public that the Governor of Osun State, Sen. Ademola Adeleke, has approved nearly a half-billion naira to 734 pensioners who are retirees under the old pension scheme, namely Local Government Staff and Primary school teachers.

Ademola Adeleke has approved nearly a half-billion naira for 734 Local Government Staff and Primary school teachers who are retired under the old pension scheme.

The affected pensioners who have a balance with the state government of less than five hundred thousand naira must attend the Local Government Staff Pension Bureau for proper documentation and payment.

Adeleke’s promise not to take the welfare of the Osun people lightly was recalled in the statement, along with his determination to continue paying the inherited debt and mitigate the backlog of workers’ salaries and pensions.

In addition, it ensured that Adeleke’s administration would remain committed and concentrated on compensating all outstanding salaries and pensions owed to retirees in the state.