Alaba market: Igbo leaders met in Lagos by Governors Uzodimma, Peter Mbah, and Deputy Speaker Kalu

Igbo leaders in Lagos called on their governors and other top representatives to seek a political solution on Thursday in order to resolve the existing underlying misunderstanding between the people from the South East and some authorities in Lagos State following the results of the 2023 elections.

The leaders received the call while in a meeting in Lagos with the governors of Imo and Enugu States, Senator Hope Uzodinma and Chief Peter Mbah, as well as the House of Representatives’ deputy speaker, Mr. Benjamin Kalu, and other business executives from the South-East.

Business tycoon and Chairman of the Chikason Group, Mr. Chika Okafor, addressed the audience and declared: "We are not troublemakers and we too want one Nigeria; let peace rule. We implore our southern leader to look for a political solution to the problems that easterners are experiencing in Lagos.

According to Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, convener of The New Nigeria Group, “Feathers have been ruffled, alliances have been threatened, and people are starting to become overly sensitive to what other people do” as a result of the election’s results.

Additionally, occasionally the government’s routine actions are misconstrued. Igbo people seek a serene setting in which to work and retire.

We have stated that the time has come for us to mend those relationships so that we can live with each other without endangering each other’s lives or businesses because "we are believers in Nigeria and we are not trouble makers. If there are consequences and misunderstanding that have resulted from the elections, we have said that the time has come for us to do so.

"This is a chance for us to mend fences so the governors may look for a political solution to the problems we face.

Furthermore, Mr. Chris Maduka, President of Igbo Intelligentials, stated: "Igbo are pragmatic people, and what we are looking for is a pragmatic answer. Our only goal is for there to be peace.

In response, Governor Uzodinma reassured them that the underlying issues would be rectified and offered to meet with his colleague, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, on Friday (today).

“I’m happy for this meeting because I was able to see some of my brothers and friends today who I haven’t seen in a long time,” he said. We will accomplish any goal you have set for us.

The brilliance and bravery of the Igbo people are well renowned. To fix the situation, we will pick a small group of individuals and meet privately with the governor of Lagos State.

Uzodinma also gave them the assurance that all the governors in the South-East area were cooperating to build the necessary infrastructure in order to draw investors to the states.

“Igbo must change their style in order to achieve results,” he chided. We must be creative because, in Igboland, the phenomenon of self-proclaimed heroes must end since no one is a hero until society declares them to be.

"South-East governors will collaborate to address issues that affect south-easterners in a long-term manner."Five of us are working with the National Assembly leadership to plan a security and economic summit between now and the end of July.

“We will develop Igboland, I can assure you that two or three international airports are ready, Igbo land is already developed,” the speaker said. “If the power is restored and the South-East is opened to the Atlantic Ocean.”
I beseech you, let’s put up with one other and be kind to ourselves, he said.