Apple releases iOS 13 a day before launch of iPhone 11 series

Apple just released iOS 13, one day ahead of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

With the launch of iOS 13, Apple is making your iPhone quicker, better and more secure.

With iOS 13, Apple is once again competing with Google’s Android 10 in a never-ending battle for the most powerful, private, and easy-to-use OS. Sounds dramatic, but with Android on about 90 percent of the world’s phones, Apple’s work has been cut back on maintaining its status and reputation.

Apple’s ability to engage iOS 13 buyers is of particular importance in 2019.

Apple’s latest iPhones lag behind Android rivals in key features such as 5G speed support, but they’ve caught up with new camera features such as a standalone night mode for ultra-clear camera shots.