Booby trap kills a man on Thanksgiving night in his own home

After setting off a booby trap on Thanksgiving night in his own home, a man was shot and killed.

Ronald Cyr, 65, of Van Buren, Maine, died of injuries sustained at his home on November 28 after a gun fired at anyone approaching his residence’s front entrance.

Officer Chandler Madore, helped by the U.S. Department of Police and Van Buren. Border Patrol responded to a call claiming Cyr was shot But when police arrived on the scene, they found that, according to a statement released by the Van Buren Police Department, he was killed by a booby trap that he reportedly set up himself.

At Cyr’s home, several other booby traps have been identified prompting investigators to call the Maine State Bomb Squad.

After an extensive investigation that lasted several hours, however, it was determined that Cyr had been unintentionally shot after his own booby trap had been launched.

“Regrettably, Mr. Cyr succumbed to the gunshot wounds,” the Van Buren Police Department said in a statement.

It’s unknown why Cyr set up his home booby traps or how he managed to detonate the device accidentally.