Borno releases eighty vehicles to facilitate the mobility of farmers as a result of the elimination of subsidies

To reduce the high cost of living caused by the removal of petroleum subsidies, Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum released eighty vehicles on Tuesday for free transportation of farmers from their communities to farmlands.

The state government will employ 30 pick-up vans and allocate 50 luxury buses from the fleet of Borno Express Corporation, a state-owned transportation company.

“We are here on purpose to support the farmers; as you can see, tens of thousands of them have gathered, and their total number could reach one hundred thousand.” Transportation costs have risen as a result of the elimination of petroleum subsidies, which has a long-term benefit but has increased the cost of transportation.

“Therefore, the Borno State Government has decided to provide 50 buses and 30 pick-up trucks to transport farmers to their farms during the rainy season,” Zulum stated in Maiduguri.

Governor Zulum, while addressing tens of thousands of farmers, urged them to cooperate with soldiers, police, and other security forces deployed on roads to safeguard citizens, including farmers who travel to the outskirts to access farmland.

"I want to implore you (farmers) to give the Nigerian Military your full support and cooperation. “They (soldiers) are here to defend you,” said Zulum.

The governor thanked the military for their sacrifices in defending the people of Borno, which has now made farming possible throughout the state.