Canada grants the extension of a work permit for families of Nigerian students following the ban by UK

Just a few days after the UK government barred students from Nigeria and other foreign nations on study visas from bringing their families into the country, the Canadian government announced on Friday a new policy to expedite the clearance of family reunion applications.

The new regulations were put in place to support family reunification in Canada, according to Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, who announced the development.

The new approach will make it easier for recent immigrants’ spouses, kids, and parents to join them in Canada, according to PG.

The new policy, according to the minister of immigration, processes applications for Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) for relatives of citizens and permanent residents in just 30 days by utilizing cutting-edge analytics and technology.

Additionally, 98% of applications for TRV from spouses and their children have already been accepted using the approach, he said.

In addition, he unveiled a new program that will provide open work permits to spouse applicants and their dependent children regardless of whether they applied under the Family class as an overseas applicant or as an applicant for a spouse or common-law partner in Canada.

Nigerians and other foreign nationals on study visas to the UK will no longer be permitted to bring their families in starting in January 2024, according to a new policy unveiled by the British government on Tuesday to decrease migration.

Starting in January of next year, the new policy will only allow a limited proportion of international students to bring their partners or kids to the UK to study.