Hurricane Dorian: US braced for a life-threatening storm surge

Hurricane Dorian is anticipated to take a life-threatening storm surge to the east coast of the United States after extensive devastation in the Bahamas.

Residents from Florida all the way to Virginia are warned to listen to emergency advice as the category two hurricane is slowly moving north.

The storm weakened after at least 20 people had been killed in the Bahamas.

Although the storm weakened after moving north late on Tuesday, it also grew in the region.

What’s the latest about the storm?
Dorian is currently moving north-northwest at approximately 12 kilometres per hour east of the state of Georgia, with a maximum sustained wind of 177 kmh.

The US National Hurricane Center advised of a “life-threatening storm surge and hazardous winds” on the coasts of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia, all the way to Chesapeake Bay.