I feel bad because my parents went to jail because of me. Ekweremadu's daughter Sonia

Sonia, who is the daughter of Ike Ekweremadu, a former deputy senate president who is in trouble, said that she feels bad that her parents were convicted because they were trying to help her get better. Sonia said this in an interview with BBC on Friday.

Remember that in March 2023, a UK jury found that Ekweremadu, his wife Beatrice, and a doctor named Obinna Obeta had illegally plotted to bring a 21-year-old street dealer from Lagos to London and use him for his kidney.

The young guy was said to have been posed as Sonia’s cousin in a failed attempt to get doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in London to do a private procedure for £80,000.

All three of them were sent to bars on Friday by the Old Bailey Court.

Ekweremadu got nine years and eight months in prison, Beatrice got four years and six months in prison, and Obeta, the “middleman” doctor, got 10 years in prison.

But Sonia, who is getting dialysis right now and was on trial with her parents, was not found guilty.

Sonia said that she and her brothers were surprised when the police came to their house and told them what they were there for.

Sonia said that she didn’t agree with her parents’ sentence.

She said, “I can see why you feel that way, but I don’t agree with it.” As their daughter, I will always support my parents, so that is a very biased point of view.

But now that the law has done its job, we just need to move forward as a family," she said.

She said that she had Nephrotic syndrome, which is a problem with the kidneys that makes the body pee out too much protein.

When asked about the man who was meant to give her a kidney, she said she had nothing to do with the situation.

She said, “I didn’t do anything about it. My family took care of everything about my health.”

“I don’t think things will ever be the same again, and I already feel bad because I think all of this is my fault,” she said.