Ibadan Youths Protests against high cost of living


On Monday, youths in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, took to the streets to demonstrate against the soaring cost of food and the state of the economy.

A gathering of protesters was witnessed in the Mokola region of the state, each carrying a placard bearing a different inscription. The inscriptions on the signs read, among others, “Tinubu, do not forget your promises” and “End food inflation and price increases.”

Additionally, they expressed their discontent by chanting melodies.

Police officers armed with firearms were observed at the protest site.

“The issue affects every individual,” a man who requested anonymity said during the demonstration. Each and every Nigerian must advocate for their rights and work together to combat the exorbitant cost of living. We are unable to pay for three substantial meals.

“Every Nigerian citizen is authorized by Sections 39 and 40 of the constitution to convene a peaceful assembly and express concerns regarding the economic hardship.” As this is an ongoing demonstration, one should anticipate opposition from all directions. It pertains to Nigerians as a whole and not about myself.

“We must fight for this collectively and ensure that everything returns to normal,” he continued.

An additional demonstrator, identifying herself as Barakat, emphasized that the state of starvation is becoming intolerable and further stated, “Everything is spiraling out of control.” We are capable of finishing two square portions. “We voted for Tinubu in the hopes that he would rectify the errors committed by Buhari, but the situation has now become unmanageable.”

Reportedly, women and youths in Niger State went to the streets to protest what they perceived to be the country’s severe hardship and rising cost of living.

A cohort of women obstructed the Minna-Bida Road at the well-known Kpakungu Roundabout in an effort to draw attention to what they perceived as the tribulations endured during the Bola Tinubu administration.

Men and adolescents subsequently joined them, at which point they erected road barriers and obstructed vehicular movement.

Following President Tinubu’s elimination of the petroleum subsidy on May 29, 2023, the economic situation in the nation had become intolerable.