Immigration implements a fully automated system for passport applications


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) implemented a fully automated passport application system on Friday.

One can apply from any location using the NIS’s user-friendly portal and upload progenitor documents and passport photos with ease, according to a statement concerning the online application and document upload.

The NIS states that for passport application options, updating, renewing, or changing data can be completed in a single location, with minimal human interaction due to its streamlined and efficient procedure.

Automation has shortened the processing time for passports, allowing petitioners to obtain their documents in record time, the report continued.

An additional benefit is the enhancement and modernization of the passport procurement process. The NIS, on the other hand, leverages technological advancements to implement security innovations.

Applicants are now able to utilize streamlined applications that will ensure a seamless and trouble-free process, according to the statement.

“HOW TO ACCESS Visit Nigerian Immigration Services | Passport for a Passport experience like never before!,” the NIS said.

“DETAILED REQUIREMENTS: Guidelines and specs available on the portal ENQUIRIES +234 912 190 0655, +234 912 155 6359, +234 912 147 7092 — and