Instagram now allows you Pin Posts and Reels to the top of your profile

Instagram’s latest feature helps users to highlight favorite posts on top of their profile. The app now allow users to pin posts to the top of their profile. This makes visitors to the page see those posts first.

They announced the feature this week, with an image showing how the feature works.

When you open an image on your profile, click on the three dots at the top right, you notice a “pin to your profile” option in the menu. Selecting it will have the image top of your grid with a pin icon, so they’re easily identifiable.

Users have the options of pinning up to 3 posts to their profile to highlight them. So pinning additional posts will move the previous one to the right, so you might want to be mindful of the order in which you pin your images.

In addition, you can also pin reels, and this provides improved airing for content creators who wants to show off their best contents when followers visit their profiles.