Invaders write to the community and threaten further assaults; the United Nations demands an investigation into the Plateau atrocity

Presently four days after claiming the lives of 195 individuals in seventeen communities throughout Plateau State, intruders have threatened to launch additional assaults on a community today (Friday).

Thursday in an interview with Arise Television, Stanley Kavwam, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the Middle Belt Forum, stated that the militants had written to the Pushit community in the Mangu Local Government Area, from which he originated, informing them of an impending attack.

State Police Public Relations Officer Alabo Alfred responded that the command was cognizant of the impending assault on the Pushit community.“Intelligence is available, but it is being developed,” the PPRO guaranteed.

Furthermore, villagers in Pushit were informed of the terrorists’ menacing letter, according to some locals who spoke with one of our correspondents on Thursday.
They claim that the inhabitants have ceased sleeping at night ever since word of the impending attack spread.

“Ever since the word got out that terrorists are preparing to launch a new attack in our community, we have been living in fear in this village,” said Joshua Bukat, one of the villagers, in an interview.

The terrorists hinted in the letter that we might be compelled to flee the area while carrying chicken and Christmas rice.Truly speaking, the anticipation of their arrival renders slumber scarce. Such letters detailing their impending assault have been received previously, and they have executed their threats on multiple occasions.

Please assist us in requesting that the government and security personnel intervene and provide assistance.
Without taking the threat for granted, they ought to act swiftly to preserve lives.

An investigation into the December Eve attack, which claimed the lives of 195 individuals across 17 villages in the Barkin Ladi, Mangu, and Bokkos local government areas of the state, was demanded by the United Nations. This horrifying disclosure has now surfaced.

A significant number of the displaced, estimated to exceed 10,000, were reportedly seeking sanctuary in churches, mosques, private residences, schools, and schools at the time of the coordinated attacks.

Tuesday in the Bokkos Local Government Area, Kefas Mallai, chairman of Community Peace Observers, reported that the gunmen murdered more than 150 individuals.

More than ten thousand individuals have been displaced as a result of the gunmen’s continued assaults, according to information obtained by Mallai.
Reportedly, the fatality toll had risen to 195 as of Wednesday.

Political figures, including northern governors and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, vehemently condemned the occurrence. Additionally, prominent organizations and individuals voiced their disapproval.

Caleb Mutfwang, the governor of the state, revealed in a Tuesday interview with Channels Television that terrorists occupying schools within the local government area had displaced at least 64 communities in the state.

The deficiencies in the security infrastructure of the state were duly acknowledged by the governor, necessitating any necessary adjustments.
A manhunt for the assailants was ordered by President Bola Tinubu, who condemned the attacks in a statement.

Tinubu labeled the assault “basic and abhorrent,” stating, “Justice will not spare these emissaries of death, suffering, and anguish.”
Tuesday, December 29th, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the Middle Belt Forum, Kavwam, stated in an interview with Arise television that the militants intended to attack his village, Pushit.
Additionally, Kavwam asserted that security agencies were cognizant of the impending assault prior to the Christmas Eve atrocity and were cognizant of the attackers’ whereabouts and identities.

According to him, he received a phone call while traveling from Jos to this location. Today, December 29th, the invading forces informed my village via letter that they intended to enter the area.
“Letters to that effect, which informed the inhabitants of the Mangu Local Government Area that there would be assaults, were anonymously dropped and contained every contingency attack plan.”
Before and throughout the Christmas Eve attacks, the military was informed, according to Kavwam.
“The Joint Task Force, also known as ‘Operation Safe Haven,’ received approximately 37 distress calls.” Approximately 37 distress dials! He stated, “Yet, nothing was done.”
“They are aware of the location from which they plan the assaults,” he continued.

Southernly bordering Wamba in Nasarawa State, the Manga autonomous community is situated at the base of the Bokkos hills; similar to the Mandara hills in Borno State, these assaults originate from this autonomous community.

Governing obligation
The welfare and security of the people shall be the principal objective of government, as stated in Section 14B of the 1999 constitution, as amended. With no security presence whatsoever, these assaults may continue for a duration of 12 to 24 hours.

No one should be named in the Plateau atrocity, according to the CP.

“Pushit community in the Mangu LGA of Plateau State; a letter was sent to Pushit today (Thursday) informing residents that they are planning an attack on the 29th,” he responded when asked to identify the community that the militants had threatened to attack.

Furthermore, “nothing has changed; the attacks continue and the security authorities have not responded,” he continued, in spite of President Bola Tinubu’s instruction to service commanders to increase security in the affected communities.

Additionally, the deputy publicity secretary of the MBF made the following statement: “According to General TY Danjuma, the military allegedly conspired with these insurgents or terrorists in order to prey on defenseless citizens.”

A multitude of accusations, derogatory remarks, and everything else occupied the entirety of the Nigerian discourse. Is that not occurring towards us today?
"A classical example shall I provide. What actions would the security agencies take in response to an invasion of a community, the displacement of its inhabitants, and the subsequent renaming of the community while their presence remains?

The assailants, he added, had renamed seven communities within the state.
Without any official intervention to stop the savage slaughter, Kavwam bemoaned the fact that his people were being pursued and slaughtered.
To support his assertions, he described how frequent assaults on defenseless communities had precipitated an explosion in the number of displaced individuals.

“Whereas the IDP (internally displaced persons) camps in the Mangu Local Government Area continue to explode,” he stated. What is it with? With individuals who have been internally displaced and visit those camps. No psychosocial support is provided in any capacity. One could only fathom the psychological anguish that would accompany the loss of a source of income, children, and potentially everything on which one relies.No rehabilitation or psychosocial support is present at this time.

A portion of them is nearly unfit to be fed. The education of their wards at the institution was terminated. Moreover, it is expected that the government would ultimately recognize that all individuals are treated equally as citizens of this nation.

It is frequently warned, according to the MBF representative, that the security agencies are not doing sufficient to thwart the attacks.
“Since the insurgents do indeed make prior announcements of their approach, it is impossible for security to absolve itself of liability.” One thousand of them arrive. How were one thousand individuals able to invade the local government area? Additionally, each of these regions is staffed with security agencies.

“Kavwam inquired as to how they become able to pass and procure their weapons.”

State Commissioner for Information Musa Ashoms promised to apprise Governor Caleb Mutfwang of the alleged terrorist conspiracy to attack the Pushit community in anticipation of potential retaliatory measures.

The commissioner declared, “I will immediately advise the governor to take notice of it.”

Instead, Volker Turk, the chief of human rights for the United Nations, emphasized the critical nature of the investigation.

The United Nations organization is gravely alarmed by the recent murders in Plateau State, according to a statement released by Turk on Thursday.

He demanded an investigation into the incident and the apprehension of the individuals responsible by the Nigerian authorities.

The sequence of gunfire targeting numerous rural communities in Plateau State has evoked profound alarm within me.In accordance with international human rights law, I urge the Nigerian government to carry out a prompt, exhaustive, and impartial investigation into this incident, and to ensure that those responsible are tried fairly.

An immediate break must be made to the cycle of impunity that sustains recurrent acts of violence. According to AFP, he also advocated for the implementation of significant measures by the government to tackle the fundamental causes and prevent a resurgence of this catastrophic violence.

In the interim, the Federal Government has made a solemn commitment to apprehend those responsible for the heinous night of December murders within the state.

This was stated in a statement released on Thursday by Senator Ibrahim Gaidam,the Minister of Police Affairs.

“We stand united with the people of Plateau State during this trying time; the loss of innocent lives is a tragedy that affects us all,” Gaidam stated. We shall make every effort to apprehend the principal suspects and collaborators implicated in this atrocity against humanity, in accordance with the directives of the President. We are fully committed to holding those accountable to the law with the utmost determination.Furthermore, we extend our sincere condolences to the injured residents and the valiant security personnel who sacrificed their lives to protect the impacted communities. We hold a steadfast conviction that through collective solidarity, synergy with law enforcement agencies, and the dissemination of critical data, we can effectively contribute to the apprehension of these cavalier individuals who are presently evading capture.

“We assure you of our continued collaboration with other stakeholders to address these issues,” he continued, “We are fully cognizant of the gravity of the security challenges that Plateau State and the nation as a whole are confronted with.”

"In spite of this lamentable occurrence, our dedication to continuous police reforms, which seek to deliver exceptional service to the Nigerian populace and elevate professionalism, remains unwavering. Our mission remains steadfast and unaffected by such occurrences.