It will be cheaper to buy an Audi car than the new Apple Mac Pro machine


On Tuesday, Apple Inc. started selling its new Mac Pro desktop computer, complete with eye-watering pricing options that can drive the $50,000 price north.

The new machine, installed in Austin, Texas after Trump administration’s tariff relief from Apple, begins at $5,999 for specifications that some developers, video editors, and photographers may find tangible. Completely loaded, the computer costs more than $52,000, excluding the optional $400 wheels to move the machine around an office with ease.

The cost of the new device from Apple is just part of doing business for some professional users. But the cost of the Mac Pro is surprising for most customers.

Several Apple users quickly compared the price to a car as one of the world’s most expensive personal computers.

The base product consists of 256 gigabytes of memory, low in the same price range for professional computers. An extra $1,400 is a 4 terabyte option. According to Apple’s website, an 8 terabyte upgrade will come later, but pricing has not been announced.

The key reason the price will reach $52,000 is to boost the computer’s RAM capacity from 32 gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes. Apple said a Mac Pro version planned for racking up in data centers would cost an extra $500 and release later. No screen is included in the Mac Pro.

Apple has been selling a new Pro Display XDR for $4,999 since Tuesday.

The price of the Mac Pro first came to the fore in June when the company announced the device and said that it would cost an extra $999 to have a stand housing the new monitor.

The company also said on Tuesday that the Apple Card’s cash-back bonus on Apple hardware purchases will be doubled to 6 percent by the end of the year. That could be just a little easier to make these transactions.