Kanye West accused of discriminating against black employees in a lawsuit

Controversial rapper Kanye West of the United States is facing a lawsuit over purported anti-black treatment.

In a new lawsuit, Benjamin Deshon Provo, a former employee of the rapper at Donda Academy, claims West fired him for refusing to trim his dreadlocks and abused black workers.

In his lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Provo, a security guard at Donda Academy since 2021, said that West’s actions, including terminating him for allegedly refusing to trim his hair, caused him "emotional distress."He said that because he was a Muslim, he had refused to “shave your heads” when West had instructed his employees to.

Provo also said that white employees made $5 more an hour than black workers.

He further claimed—a claim also made in an April 2023 lawsuit by former Donda Academy instructor Cecilia Hailey—that West had outlawed publications about Black history at the school, including works about figures like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. As of right now, that lawsuit is scheduled for trial in April 2025.

Provo is suing for damages on allegations of discrimination, a hostile work environment, reprisals, labor law infractions, and other offenses.

A few months back, Kanye West made the widely shared allegation that his family isn’t “Black but Indian.”