Kizz Daniel is back with a new album titled 'Maverick'

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After the success of his two chart-topping singles, “Buga” and “Cough,” Afrobeats superstar Kizz Daniel is set to take his admirers on another thrilling adventure with his forthcoming album, “Maverick.”
The internationally renowned musician, affectionately known as Vado The Great, has consistently stretched the boundaries of creativity in his music, and “Maverick” promises to be a magnum opus showcasing his genuine self-expression.
In this album, Kizz Daniel reveals a part of himself that he has kept concealed for some time.

"The only thought that kept reoccurring in my mind while we were creating this album was that I wanted to do what I know how to do and make music the way I want to make music. For Maverick, this is my expression, and I believe the inspiration has now become clear. He revealed the inspiration behind the album by stating, “I want to give a piece of myself that I’ve been hiding all along.”
“Maverick” explores themes of love, growth, emotion, resiliency, and introspection, inviting listeners on a profoundly personal and mature musical journey with Kizz Daniel.

The album’s songs feature catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that reflect the artist’s evolution.
Kizz Daniel explains, “Recently, I’ve been performing a watered-down version of Vado to appease the fans, but this time I decided to go all out.”

Throughout his illustrious career, the artist has grown and matured, and “Maverick” is a testament to his artistic development and authenticity.
Kizz Daniel collaborates with well-known hitmakers and up-and-coming prodigies, bringing a captivating dynamic to the album and showcasing his ability to combine his artistry with diverse talents.