Lagos state Commissioner of Police starts an inquiry into MC Oluomo's threat against Igbos

On Friday, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Idowu Owohunwa, announced an inquiry into MC Oluomo’s alleged threat against Igbos.
In an interview with TV Arise News, Owohunwa stated this.

In a viral video, MC Oluomo warned that Lagos Igbos should not vote if they do not support the ruling All Progressives Congress. (APC).
In the tape, MC Oluomo said, “Please tell them, we have begged them. No fight if they don’t vote for us. Tell them Chukwudi’s mother says to sit at home if they don’t vote for us. Understand? Home, sit.”
Lagos CP responded to the threat today by saying, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms any act, statement, or an action that could be interpreted as hate speech or that could be interpreted as deepening political tension regardless of the brain that might be behind it.” This particular film is under investigation.”

Owohunwa also warned that law enforcement would not tolerate state violence.

We’re using cyber security to fix that. No one is above the law. Regulated nation. The Nigeria Police must investigate anyone who uses his position or power to incite hatred, political tension, or violence.

“Not just this one. A review is underway. “In the fullness of time, the full law will take its course and it will be no different in this instance if established,” Owohunwa said.
The second leg of the 2023 elections—gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections—is tomorrow in Nigeria.