Many Nigerian musicians are depressed, according to Iyanya

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Onoyom Mbuk, also known as Iyanya, a Nigerian singer, has stated that many of his peers are despondent but portray happiness on social media.

He began this in a recent conversation with the well-known media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Recall that Iyanya broke the internet in December of last year when he announced on Twitter that he was unable to get scheduled for any events in 2021.

In the most recent episode of the With Chude podcast, the Kukere singer described his struggles to regain prominence after falling out of favor.

Iyanya stated, “This is the reality of the game.” It is more challenging to return after a lengthy absence. The majority of visitors do not return. When you return in such a manner, you must let people know that sharing our stories inspires so many."So many individuals reached out to me to express gratitude for my tweet. You’ve inspired me’.

This [vulnerable] aspect of our existence is not shared by artists. This is why so many people are frustrated: they are unaware that someone else is experiencing something worse than they are.

Numerous musicians are melancholy. Quite a lot. The individuals you see who give you the impression that everything is going well are actually experiencing the most difficult circumstances. Therefore, they attempt to convince you that they are correct. People are experiencing adversity. Therefore, you must be open with your experiences."