Netanyahu claims Israel's army is paying a "heavy price" for the Gaza War

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israeli troops fighting Hamas in Gaza were suffering a “huge toll” in terms of casualties.

He said, “This morning is difficult, following a very difficult day of combat in Gaza,” in response to the army’s announcement that fourteen troops had died on Palestinian territory since Friday.

"The cost of the fight is incredibly high… However, he said in a statement that more fighting is unavoidable.

“Our forces are unwavering in their determination to win and achieve all of our goals, which include eliminating Hamas, freeing our prisoners, and creating a safe and secure Gaza that will never again endanger the State of Israel.”

“Let me be clear: Until Hamas is eliminated and security is restored in both the north and the south, this will be an extended conflict,” he said.

Since the Israeli military began its ground assault on October 27, 153 soldiers have died on Palestinian territory. Ten of these died on Saturday, making it one of the deadliest days for the army, which is simultaneously facing Hezbollah fighters on the other side of its northern border with Lebanon.