Nigeria is considering the possibility of implementing a water transport system similar to the one used in China


Nigerian maritime stakeholders and authorities are making arrangements to study the Chinese waterways transport model in order to improve Nigeria’s waterways transportation system.

Mrs. Tosan Edodo-Emore, the Head of the Maritime Roundtable Breakfast Meeting (MBRBM), highlighted the potential for Nigeria to learn from China’s expertise in managing and enhancing water transport systems. She emphasized China’s status as the largest country with extensive inland waterways.

The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, Madam Yan Yuqing, is set to speak at the summit on April 18, 2024. She will be sharing the Chinese experience with the Sino-Nigeria Maritime Relationship and the valuable lessons that can be learned from China.

The Edodo-Emore has organized a Summit with the theme “Security and New Technologies in Inland Waterways Transportation”. The event will be attended by several heads of maritime institutions.