Oba of Benin challenges Nigerians to unity during his visit to Sanwo-Olu in Lagos


His Royal Majesty, Omonoba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, stated on Sunday that the advancement of the nation depends on the promotion of unity and diversity.
The Oba stated this during a visit to Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu at the Lagos House, Marina. He claimed that Nigeria’s size and reputation as the “giant of Africa” were due to the nation’s unity and diversity.

He believes that it is beneficial for Nigerians to unite and resolve the differences between the various factions.

"Nigerians ought to understand that diversity benefits the populace. Although Nigeria is enormous, we remain united. Despite this, we will continue to be a unit; however, we must resolve our differences. “We ought to develop the behavior of a unified family,” he advised.

The Oba extended his sincere congratulations to President Bola Tinubu, affirming that his inauguration as the nation’s leader was in accordance with the divine will.

Additionally, he extended his congratulations to Mr. Sanwo-Olu on his re-election and urged him to fulfill the pledges he made to the electorate.
In response, Mr. Sanwo-Olu expressed gratitude to the Oba of Benin for his visit, noting that he seldom ventured beyond his realm and, as a result, Lagos would not overlook such an honor.
As the Benin Kingdom continued to be a globally recognized and esteemed kingdom, he praised the Oba for living up to the precepts set for him by his ancestors.

Additionally, the governor expressed gratitude to the Oba for his paternal figure, prayers, and well-wishes for the administration of President Tinubu.
"I have complete faith that he will not let you down. He shall exert utmost diligence in guaranteeing the tangible benefit of democracy, which is the alleviation of national destitution, the infusion of renewed optimism, and the redefinition of social and economic progress.

“Some of these interventions are beginning to take effect; last week, the country reported another quarter of GDP growth; the GDP growth has improved over the past two quarters.”

“Consequently, we have faith that he will perform admirably in his capacity as leader of affairs,” he stated.
As per his assertion, Lagos serves as the nation’s shoulder and neck; consequently, the government shall persist in safeguarding its status as a densely populated metropolis.
Additionally, Sanwo-Olu led the Oba on a tour of the John Randle Centre for Yoruba History and Culture in Onikan.

He stated, “We are safeguarding the Yoruba heritage and culture for present and future generations.”

Mr. Sanwo-Olu was commended by the Oba for his efforts to advance tradition and culture at the center.