Old Naira Note Update- Supreme Court orders circulation of old notes

The Supreme Court came to a conclusion, in a ruling that was approved by a seven-judge group in a vote that was unanimous, that the older banknotes should continue to be accepted as legitimate forms of payment until the 31st of December.
It advocated for the continued use of the previously circulated Naira notes in conjunction with the newly designed currencies.
It was stated that President Muhammadu Buhari should not have implemented the demonization policy without first consulting the Council of States, the Federal Executive Council, the Civil Society, and any other pertinent stakeholders.
The apex court’s lead judgment, which was delivered by Justice Emmanuel Agim, accused President Buhari of disobeying the court’s edict that curtailed the full adoption of the new monetary policy. The order was issued to prevent President Buhari from implementing the new monetary policy.

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