Panic in Ibadan after explosion

Tuesday saw widespread hysteria among the inhabitants of Ibadan, Oyo State, following reports of an explosion in various areas of the state capital. Videos uploaded to the Internet depicted a dusty cloud, burning dwellings, and automobiles.

A student from the University of Ibadan confirmed the occurrence, stating, “Everyone heard the extremely loud sound. Particulate pollution obscures the cloud. The UI area was able to observe the smog that emanated from Bodija. Those in Sango and Ojo were also audible. Indeed, everyone in the chamber is terrified for their lives.”

Tweeted by @WillieWinehouse, an X user: "A device just detonated in Ibadan! My street and residence are completely in ruins! “What is occurring?”

Nonetheless, the state government has verified the occurrence of the detonation.

According to a statement by Dotun Oyelade, the state commissioner for information and orientation, an unusual detonation occurred around 8 p.m. today, causing concern among the inhabitants of Ibadan and the surrounding area.

"The incident has been subject to multiple interpretations; however, we must state unequivocally that the state government has assumed complete authority and jurisdiction over the regrettable incident to mitigate its consequences.

“The governor has ordered the deployment of all security service chiefs, including paramilitary commanders and fire operations personnel, to contain the explosion’s aftermath.”

“Consequently, His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde urges the populace to maintain composure and have confidence that their welfare is being attended to.”