Raining worms in China?

It was shown in a video that went viral on social media that worms were falling from the sky in China. According to a report in the New York Post, video taken in the nation’s capital, Beijing, revealed streets and vehicles covered in what looked like worms. The video shows various worm-like creatures crawling all over cars in Beijing. These creatures can be seen in the footage.
According to a report from Outlook, residents of a city in the Chinese province of Liaoning were purportedly warned to seek shelter after the city witnessed a strange phenomenon in which worm-like creatures or objects began to rain from the skies. A video clip that went viral on the internet showed what appeared to be earthworms scattered all over vehicles and on the streets of Liaoning. People were seen strolling around carrying umbrellas in an effort to protect themselves from what they referred to as the “worm rain.”
According to the scholarly publication Mother Nature Network, the most likely explanation for the occurrence is that they were carried away by strong winds and then dropped all over the city. This is the most likely explanation. According to what was written in the notebook, this takes place when flying insects become entangled in a whirlpool during a storm.