Saturday Night Fever Movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

  1. We have a ghost (2023): A black family of four lives in their home when they begin to experience some unexplained phenomena. This causes them to become celebrities overnight and makes them the focus of the CIA’s investigation. The movie does not have a frightening atmosphere and comes highly recommended.
  2. Sex Life (2023) is a drama series about a wife who is ready to risk it all when she runs into her ex-boyfriend and memories start to flood in. Your attention will undoubtedly be riveted to the screen throughout the entirety of the series.
  3. The Law according to Lidia Poet (2023) is a drama series that is set in Italy and is an adaptation of the real-life story of Lidia Poet, Italy’s first female lawyer who was feisty and brilliant but was forbidden from doing what she wanted the most, practicing law.
  4. Bullet Train (2022): Ladybug is an unlucky assassin who is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs have gone off the rails. His most recent assignment, however, places him on a direct path toward a head-on collision with lethal foes from all over the world who are traveling on the world’s fastest train. These foes have connected goals, but they also have goals that are in direct conflict with one another. It is a nice thing to keep an eye on.
  5. Next (2007): FBI agents approach a magician in Las Vegas who possesses the ability of clairvoyance and ask him to use it to stop a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant just minutes before it is scheduled to occur. You are going to be on the very edge of your seat throughout the entirety of this film.