Senators fight for seats in the newly rebuilt chamber


The Senate’s return to plenary on Tuesday was marked by a tumultuous session, with senators engaging in a heated dispute over the seats.

The plenary commenced at approximately 11 am, and following the procession, the Senate President, GodsWill Akpabio, proceeded to make announcements, specifically acknowledging the lawmakers who had recently celebrated their birthdays during the Senate’s break.

During the announcement, Senator Sahabi Yau (APC, Zamfara North) began to raise his voice at the Senate leader, Opeyemi Bamidele (APC, Ekiti Central), who responded by pointing his finger at Yau, seemingly giving him a stern warning.

Without hesitation, Danjuma Goje (APC, Gombe Central) raised his voice alongside his colleague Yau, directing their frustration towards Bamidele and the chairman of Senate Services, Sunday Karimi (APC, Kogi West), who was responsible for the seating arrangements.

Reports indicate that the altercation arose due to the seating arrangement in the recently refurbished chamber.

There were reports of dissatisfaction among certain ranking Senators regarding the seating arrangement in the front row on the last right side of the aisle.

Yau, however, did not comply with the Senate President’s request to approach the chair one by one.

The heated session lasted approximately 20 minutes, with senators arguing.

Following the Senate President’s welcome-back speech, the Senate leader proposed that the Senate convene a closed-door session.

The Senate then proceeded to an executive session at approximately 12:05 pm.

The Senate had adjourned plenary from March 20 until April 16, but the resumption was postponed twice to accommodate the ongoing renovation of the chamber, which began in 2022.