Strike: Federal employees support NLC and pledge to close all secretariats


As the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC begins a two-day warning strike, the Federal Workers Forum, FWF, has vowed to close down Federal Secretariats across the country.

This was stated in a statement by Comrade Andrew Emelieze, National Coordinator of FWF and former Trade Union Congress, Oyo State Chapter Chairman.

The statement read, "We, the Federal Workers Forum, fully support the call by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for a two-day national warning strike from Tuesday, September 5, to Wednesday, September 6, 2023, over government insensitivity to the plight of workers and citizens in general.

"As federal employees, we are also severely impacted by the economic crisis visited upon Nigerians as a result of the increase in the retail price of gasoline, all in the name of subsidy elimination.

"We had previously penned a letter to the federal government requesting that our salaries be automatically adjusted to reflect the current economic climate, but our request has fallen on indifferent ears.

"More than three months have passed since the removal of the fuel subsidy, and the price of gasoline has increased twice by more than 300 percent, rising from 187 to over 620, while salaries have remained unchanged. During this period, federal employees have endured agonizing hardships. Federal employees’ lives have become almost meaningless as a result of tales of widespread anguish.

“Everything has been nauseating, and hunger among federal employees has become a way of life.” Contrary to the provisions of the general order of federal civil service rules and regulations, federal employees have been financially humiliated.

"Federal government employees are not captives; therefore, we question this pitiful situation and call on all federal employees to ensure that the two-day warning strike is successful.

"We call on federal employees to close down all federal government Secretariats across the federation during the strike period. Workers are to also ensure that every other government office, department, and agency is shut down nationwide.

"We call on all industrial unions that represent federal employees to abide by NLC directives.
The Trade Union Congress (TUC) is also requested to ensure the success of the strike.

"We advise the federal government to accommodate labor’s needs.

We also demand that the government pay all outstanding arrears of salaries, promotions, and duty tour allowances (DTA) owed to federal employees, with special attention to the arrears of salaries owed to federal university employees in Nigeria.

“Therefore, federal workers will no longer tolerate any oppression of federal workers anywhere, and we will not hesitate to join any worker’s group in a strike of solidarity if oppression is observed; our attention is drawn to the plight of our colleagues in the federal universities.”

“We also call on the NLC to pursue this struggle to its logical conclusion and put an end to the widespread exploitation of workers.” The NLC must not forsake Nigerians; the labor movement has our full backing."