The NLC plans a two-day demonstration against economic hardship


The Nigeria Labour Congress stated it had set up plans for a two-day statewide protest on February 27 and 28, 2024.

The NLC’s National President, Joe Ajaero, stated that the protest would commence a week after the 14-day ultimatum handed to the Federal Government expires on February 23.

Ajaero, speaking during a press briefing in Abuja, said the decision came after an emergency National Executive Council meeting on the health of the economy and issues concerning insecurity in the country.

On February 8, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress issued a two-week deadline to the government to address demands ranging from salary increases to improved access to public utilities, accusing it of failing to keep promises to mitigate the impact of changes.

Ajaero said the Federal Government should not ignore the 14-day ultimatum.

The organised labour movement bemoaned that millions of Nigerian workers are facing hunger, a loss of purchasing power, and insecurity as a result of policies that have increased inflation.

This came after President Bola Tinubu’s decision to eliminate a popular but costly petrol subsidy in May, as well as his administration’s easing of currency trading regulations, which caused petrol prices to more than triple.