The Senate intends to review Nigerian laws


Initiate the process of revising the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, as directed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, and Legal Matters.

This occurred in Tuesday’s plenary in response to a motion sponsored by Senator Sheu Kaka (APC, Borno Central). The Laws of the Federation of Nigeria was a routinely updated alphabetical compilation of the country’s operative laws.

The Attorney General of the Federation oversaw the compilation of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, which was subject to the sanction of the National Assembly via an Act. As stated in Kaka’s motion, the statutes comprising the LFN were implemented in various years before and subsequent to Nigeria’s independence, despite their collective citation as “LFN 2004.”

He stated, “The LFN has not been revised in nearly twenty years, which means that numerous laws that have been implemented in Nigeria since January 1, 2003, are still not included in the compilation.” " An endeavor was made to amend the LFN in 2010, yet it lacked the necessary legal framework to receive approval from the National Assembly."

He was also concerned that, in addition to omitting numerous statutes from the compilation, the continued lack of revision of LFN has resulted in the retention of numerous repealed statutes, which has caused confusion and other negative effects.

As per his assertion, the lack of compilation of various federal statutes results in a scarcity of understanding regarding numerous established laws among the Nigerian populace, including but not limited to students, lecturers, researchers, lawyers, legislators, and judges.

He stated that the revision of the LFN was long overdue and that, as such, it would be in the best interest of democratic governance in Nigeria to immediately initiate the revision process.