Tinubu promises to get rid of roadblocks and encourage investment in Nigeria's economy to help young people

President Bola Tinubu has told the manufacturing and service sectors that more changes will be made to improve efficiency and attract investments. He also said that the current economic “revolution” will be steered to include and help the country’s many young people.

Tinubu said this when he met with a group from MTN lead by its chairman, Mcebisi Jonas, at the state house. This was said in a statement by Dele Alake, the President’s Special Adviser on Special Duties, Communications, and Strategy.

Tinubu said that the country will put into action policies that will change the way the economy works.

“It’s our job to change the economy so that our young people can share in the country’s success. If we don’t, we’re just waiting for our dreams to come true.”

"Let us know if you have any problems or obstacles. We’re ready to get rid of things that make it hard for people to invest in the economy,‘’ the President said, recognizing that technology is causing big changes all over the world.

He also said that the growing number of people moving from rural areas to cities can only be stopped by putting more money into digital technology, which will improve healthcare and schooling for the poor.

“I’m glad you’re moving away from Corporate Social Responsibility and becoming more sharp and curious about technology so that we can figure out how we can work together structurally,” the President said.

"By working with us, you can do a lot for the economy. We think that no one can achieve on their own. We are making changes to our structures to make sure we are going in the right way and getting to a place that is good for our people.

"You and I will make sure that the people get a share of that wealth. Together, we will build a culture that is well-informed. We need to rethink the trip. I’m glad that the structural changes are making the stock market go up,‘’ he said.

Jonas, Chairman of the MTN Group, said that the company planned to invest $3.5 billion in the economy over the next five years. He also said that the company wanted to become a pan-African company by moving investments from the Middle East and focusing more on Africa, especially Nigeria, where it gets the highest return on investment.

“The message you’ve sent us is that Nigeria is a good place to invest,” the MTN Group Chairman said. “With your election, we’re seeing a clear, quick, and strong interest in structural reforms.”