Tinubu tells the labor congress, "I need more time to meet your demands."

President Bola Tinubu has pleaded with organized labor not to engage in industrial action until he has had more time to investigate their grievances.

This was disclosed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, after he led the House leadership in briefing the President on the outcome of their discussions with the National Association of Resident Doctors, which has called for a nationwide strike.

After the meeting, Abbas reported to State House correspondents that Tinubu said he was new in office and needed time to evaluate the issues raised by the employees about which he had not been briefed.

He stated, "According to what he said, he’s just joining. We should beseech and plead with them to give him a little bit more time.

"He is completely unaware of the topics they mentioned; he has not yet been briefed on all of those issues.

"However, based on what he received from me, he also advised that we forward these issues to the Chief of Staff so that they can be addressed sequentially.

“I expect concerted action to be taken in the coming days.”

He stated that the House leadership invited NARD in response to the union’s intention to go on strike, and that the legislators were successful in convincing NARD to abandon the plan.

“Following the meeting we had with them, they presented us with a series of conditions that we felt compelled to convey to the President,” he said.

The Speaker maintained that the purpose of Wednesday’s visit to the Presidential villa was to provide the President with an update on the physicians’ association.

In addition, he stated that the House leadership used the visit to become acquainted with the President, since they had not met with him since assuming leadership positions.