Top 5 Bus Booking Platforms in Nigeria

Do you know about bus booking platforms in Nigeria and how well they work?

Well, if you don’t, you’re in luck because this article will tell you about the best 5 bus booking platforms in Nigeria. Read on to know more.


A bus booking platform is a mobile or web software solution designed to provide customers with a personalized easy-to-utilize user experience for booking and purchasing tickets online. It stores customers’ personal data records, scheduled routes, frequent trips, drop points, and other information.

You can implement real-time seat availability, multiple payment gateways, offer seat map functionality, and other features.

There are quite a number of bus booking platforms in Nigeria, but see our top 5 list below in no particular order

  1. MyTripNg

This comes as a fantastic one, and with the MyTripNg mobile app, there’s convenience in purchasing bus tickets and making reservations online.

Their partnership with top interstate bus operators in Nigeria would help a user search, compare, and book seats from their favorite bus operators in one app.

How easy can bus booking come? Just get the mobile app on the Google or apple playstore and enjoy the smartest way to travel around Nigeria.


The company who celebrated 1 million bookings on its platform on the 23rd of March is building Africa’s largest shared mobility using technology to offer predictable, structured and very accessible transportation for every African as they commute daily.

Treepz currently operates in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda.

With Treepz Nigeria, you have different packages. The Travel Treepz, Daily Treepz & Corporate Treepz.

The Daily Treepz is the service focused on connecting riders to drivers commuting within cities daily.

The Travel Treepz is the service that allows users to search, compare and directly book bus tickets.

The Corporate Treepz is the service used to manage to transport individuals for businesses daily. It could be employees, students or a fulfillment of any private or official transportation need.

Treepz just does it and with their carefully drafted transportation solutions, you’d not want to look past them.

You can download treepz on your app store.

  1. MakeIgo

Makeigo helps you book bus tickets with a choice of multiple transport companies.

The platform has several payments which an individual can choose which is most convenient.

Paying online with your cards or using the USSD codes on their platforms are ways to book a bus ride with them.

Another beautiful thing about them is informing your next of kin 20 minutes before arriving at your destination and there’s the avenue to opt out of the notification service.

Get MakeIgo on your app store or and enjoy.


Transita offers a seamless travel experience, and you can choose your destination, departure date plus also compare prices range between transport companies.

Asides all these, an amazing edge for Transita is their partnership with Leadway insurance to provide an affordable insurance package for Intercity travellers.

How beautiful can a bus booking platform be?

Transita is on the Android & iOS app store for yiu ti explore and enjoy.

  1. Tiketi

Tiketi doesn’t just come with the search thingy alone, but helps to inform users about places, the experiences of the location and many more.

Check the Android app store to explore.

A bonus platform to also leverage is QuickBus

Buses on QuickBus come with convenience and also comes with discounted prices most times.

Booking a bus ticket with QuickBus is seamless. With inputting the Departure & arrival city & date, and choosing the preferred company next.

After these, you confirm your booking, then select seat, the amount of tickets and also the boarding point.

Quick Bus allows Coupon Code for payments if you’ve got any to use and after all the payment step gets completed, the ticket(s) is mailed to the customer.

Beautiful right? Try QuickBus today or Download their mobile app and enjoy the sweet experience.

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