Users bemoan the shutdown of Facebook and Instagram


Users of big social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have expressed their disappointment at the services’ closure on Tuesday.

Our correspondent checked various Instagram and Facebook accounts and discovered that the account’s users were unable to access them.

While Facebook needs existing users to login, Instagram’s user profiles and site could not be refreshed.

As a result, users of the social interaction platforms took to X to express their dissatisfaction with the sites’ deactivation.

An X user named Peace Ighodaro (@peace_igho) tweeted, “Who logged us out of Facebook ooo”

A New York-based user, Lidia Curanaj (@LidiaNews), tweeted “Facebook and Instagram down” while a social media influencer in the Philippines, @RealRazziebinx, tweeted, “Is it just me or Facebook logged me out? I guess the world is ending… see you guys.”

@RaphealMiguel posted a picture of relief with the caption “Me after checking on Twitter that Meta is just down and I’m not hacked since my Instagram isn’t loading and my Facebook got “session logged out”. :joy:

@Avviexo posted, “Anyone else’s facebook logged out? Can’t log back in, keeps saying session expired or unexpected error?”

Nigeria Sports photojournalist, @PoojaMedia also reacted on the shutdown saying, “Sessions of all Facebook accounts expired & everyone logged out. You have to log in again. Good luck if you still remember your passwords. :sob:

Also, popular X user, @bod_republic, questioned, “Facebook and Instagram down?”

At the time this report was compiled, both Facebook and Instagram, which are both under the ownership of Mark Zuckerberg, had not responded to the difficulty encountered by their users.