Usyk defeats Fury to claim the title of undisputed world heavyweight champion

Oleksandr Usyk emerged victorious on Sunday, securing a split decision to claim the title of undisputed heavyweight world champion, defeating Tyson Fury.

According to The Mirror, Usyk achieved an impressive second-half comeback to claim the title of undisputed heavyweight world champion, dethroning Fury.

The first half of the fight was dominated by Fury, who seemed to downplay the significance of the night by constantly clowning around.

However, Usyk staged an impressive comeback in the desert, causing the referee to administer a count when his opponent was barely able to stay on his feet in the ninth round.

Fury fought hard to regain the momentum and would have been relieved to hear the final bell.

However, his moment of relief quickly faded when Usyk was declared the winner by a split decision, making him the division’s first undisputed ruler in 25 years.

The British fighter, who was defending his world title for the fourth time, weighed in 40lb heavier than his opponent and also had a six-inch height advantage.

He stood tall above Usyk as they touched gloves, confidently informing the smaller man that he was about to receive a valuable lesson.

Fury approached the occasion lightheartedly, immediately engaging in playful banter with Usyk by reclining on the ropes. He proceeded to punch himself in the head multiple times, inviting his opponent to engage.

Usyk delivered a precise combination at the beginning of the second round while Fury focused on attacking the body. The round was concluded with a well-executed uppercut.

Fury was satisfied with his strategy of boxing defensively, but he started to utilize his larger size to put pressure on Usyk.

The fighter made a strategic move by switching to southpaw in the fourth round. However, he got a bit ahead of himself and prematurely raised his hands in victory after landing a backhand.

Usyk faced a challenge in closing the distance due to Fury’s significant reach advantage.

The Ukrainian’s midriff was struck with fury, causing the former cruiserweight champion to display initial signs of struggle.

As the sixth round unfolded, it became evident that Fury had gained the upper hand while Usyk’s energy levels started to wane. The Brit took control of the situation as his rival started to retreat, confidently reaching the halfway mark with his hands casually behind his back.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Anthony Joshua were seated alongside boxing’s influential figure, Turki Alalshikh, in the prime seats.

Steven Gerrard made a surprise visit to Fury’s dressing room before the first bell, and even Brazilian superstar Neymar made an appearance.

They would have appreciated Fury’s performance in front of a crowd of 28,000 fans, which included a dedicated group of Fury’s supporters.

However, Usyk was determined to put up a fight and in the seventh round, he delivered two powerful left-hand punches as a reminder of his resilience.

Fury quickly responded to the threat.

Usyk displayed a heightened sense of urgency in the eighth round, relentlessly pursuing his fellow champion and seemingly challenging him to engage in a fierce battle.