White House: US does not think 'genocide' is taking place in Gaza

According to President Joe Biden’s top national security official, the United States does not believe that genocide is taking place in Gaza. However, there is a call for Israel to enhance its efforts to safeguard Palestinian civilians.

While ceasefire talks remain at a standstill and Israel continues its strikes on the southern city of Rafah, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan maintains that the onus for peace lies with the militant group Hamas.

Israel should prioritize the safety and welfare of innocent civilians. Sullivan stated during a briefing that we do not view the events in Gaza as genocide.

According to Sullivan, the US reached this assessment by using the internationally accepted term for genocide, which takes intent into account.

Biden expressed a desire to see Hamas overcome while also acknowledging the dire situation faced by Palestinian civilians, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan stated his intention to address the conflict and clarify the Biden administration’s position at the White House podium in response to criticism from various sides of the US political spectrum.

Biden has faced criticism from Republicans for pausing certain weapons shipments to urge Israel to delay a Rafah offensive. Additionally, there have been protests at US universities regarding his stance on Israel.

The US president emphasized the importance of connecting any Rafah operation to a strategic endgame that addresses the question of “what comes next?” Sullivan added.

This would prevent Israel from becoming entangled in an endless counterinsurgency campaign that drains its strength and vitality.