Woman who bails R. Kelly out with $100k wants her money back

Back in February, a unidentified individual paid $100,000 for R. Kelly’s bail, which was enough of $1 million to get him out of jail at the moment. She was eventually recognized as Valencia Love, and now she needs her cash back.

Love’s lawyer submitted a petition at the Cook County Circuit Court last week to attempt to retrieve it, but the judge in the case said not today, according to the Chicago Sun-Times report.

The thing is, she’s not turning her back on a singer accused of rape and sexual assault.

“I never supported a pedophile at any point,” Love said to the newspaper. “He hasn’t been sentenced yet. Why is it so terrible that I did a favour for a friend of mine?”

Apparently, she’s trying to get it right now so she can reinvest it in his defense “To cover his legal costs and other expenses.” Kelly was able to quit prison after Love had bailed him out, but he came back to prison in July after a federal indictment containing charges concerning child pornography and enticing minors had been unsealed.

With the dishonored artist back behind bars, Love thought she could get the money back to her.

“Why can’t bail money be returned?” Love, according to her own lawyer, also set up $50,000 to settle Kelly’s unpaid child support, but Love denies that she did.