Yoruba language has been added to the U.S. driver's permit test

The Maryland driver’s permit knowledge test and its study materials will shortly be available in nine additional languages, including Yoruba, for a total of 17 languages for each.

A learner’s permit is required before obtaining a driver’s license in a state.

As part of Governor Wes Moore’s emphasis on equity and access, the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration announced that it will expand accessibility services.

Yoruba (West Africa), Tagalog, Amharic (Afro-Asian language), Arabic, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Portuguese, and American Sign Language are the new languages available.

Using U.S. Census data, the new language options have been determined.

Improving the accessibility of the driver’s knowledge examination and study materials is essential for serving Maryland’s linguistically diverse population, according to Motor Vehicle Administrator Chris Nizer.

Currently, English, Spanish, French, Nepali, Korean, traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese are available.